My Dad Is Rich

Birt 10 ágú 2020
shot by Christian Owens
produced by Fantom Beats
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  • i liked most of it, but the parts about his dad were a little weird!

  • YAAAAAAAAH thas hot

  • What Danny video inspired this song? I know the story behind all his songs except this one. I love this track but want to properly enjoy it by knowing the background

  • This is..not what I expected

  • Now Danny is a tiny mouse I guess

  • Most of his songs are supposed to be a joke but he's way better than cardi b

  • danny is good at music, this is supposed to be a joke. i would listen to this on repeat

  • Tell me why his joke songs are actually better than non-joke songs, like it has no business being this catchy.

  • This is officially the hardest song of the 21st century. And all the other ones for that matter

  • Its been 2 days and i cant get this song out of my head.

  • Vampire dad my favorite character

  • Dude spittin bars

  • Imagine this showing up on your recommended without knowing anything about Danny Gonzalez

  • This is a huge step down from “downhill”

  • Why does Danny have arms

  • Boy he's genius Better than 90% artists for sure

  • okkkkk okkk I get it but yall poor OMG WHO IS THAT IN THE WINDOW IT looks like a... vampire

  • Lmao wtf

  • This is the ultimate version of saying "No my dad is stronger" in kindergarten.

  • I love arm

  • The kid in the Xbox party when he gets killed

  • my dad who is a pokemon that knows ice fang be like :JOKES ON U IM INTO THAT SH##

  • can we appriciate that this man rented out a mansion for this video?

  • At 0:52 why is there an exit sign. Should i be worried?

  • Isä that you oun house?

  • I liked until dad was vampire cause vampire scary. Dad scary.

  • If it was a pokemon fight DANNY put down VAMPIRE DAD Oh no! DREW has MAFIA DAD!!

  • holy fucking shit danny this is waaayyy too good

  • ask me if i like airplanes

  • I NEED 1 HR OF THIS Pleaaaaseee !!!!!!!!!!!

  • This song got no business flowing this hard for how silly it actually is. I fucking love it

  • Why is this like actually fire?

  • my dad is a millioner in indian rupees

  • this was posted on my brothers birthday.

  • any song danny makes is immediately a bop no matter what its about

  • the amount of times i have listened to this over the past week is terrifying

  • Multi millionaires when he said "u dad won't ever be rich" They be like:WTF but im a multi millionaire

  • Shut up my dad owns Microsoft


  • normalize listening to danny gonzalez unironically.


  • I actually rate these fits. Danny your outfits in this video are swaggyyy 😎✌🏼

  • I am watching it back to back I don't know how many times daily. I just can't get enough of it. I SIMPLY LOVE IT. Edit: Its gotten out of hand. I am addicted to this song Danny.

  • dear god, i pray to the lord above that atleast one person has come across this video and thought it was an unirronic rap song about rich mafia vampire dad

  • giorno:

    • Even tho he literally owns the mafia I guess his dad is somehow richer than him

  • Fire

  • i can't get over how fucking soft this is

  • 0:46 for myself

  • Why aren't a celebrity yet?


  • This is the most Draco Malfoy song I have ever heard omg. I am dying.

  • Most boppy Danny Gonzales song yet

  • try listening to this without getting literal chills

  • "Dad been alive for 400 years... Vampire shit" Me: Yes, this checks out. "He don't show up in the mirrors... Rich man shit" Me: Oh, huh. I mean, I guess they can buy that technology, I don't personally know any rich people

  • I wanted to like this song, but I was too hurt by Danny accurately pointing out what a tiny baby bitch my dad is

  • please tell me I'm not the only one that noticed those bad CGI money stacks

  • All jokes aside, this slaps ngl

  • whose house did he shoot this in front of lmao

  • My dad is richer than yours

  • Why did the kid chose mom instead of daddy



  • The sleeping with the fishes line 😙👌

  • Yeah, this is my music taste.

  • ok, draco

  • I don’t have a dad rather that then have a tiny bich dad

  • I like the part where Drew Gooden was there

  • His music is better than jake Paul’s whole career

  • Why are his songs so fire

  • Dad/daddy counter: 12

  • This song sounds like belle delphine somehow

    • That part where hes like My dad is straight evil sounded like how belle would say it

  • 0:46 I really like the beat here so just gonna leave this time stamp for myself.

  • The return of vAmPiRe DaD

  • Danny invented autotune cuz he is the ONLY PERSON THAT IS GOOD AT RAPPING!

  • idk if anyone actually cares but something mafiosos normally tend to avoid nepotism by making their children do harder work then strangers (unrelated at least) to join it because they hate that as a whole so like let's say your dad is the capo of the Mafia, and you want to join (thinking you'll get it easier being his child and all) - they actually end up making you do three times harder tasks and if you fail, then say goodbye to your life I guess man ✨the more you know✨ oh and you don't get any money from them

  • Giorno Giovanna be like:

  • I know the joke is tiktok but... Where’s the Malfoy comments? I was hoping for at least 1

  • I love how one of the tags to this video is "awful"

  • 1:06 WHY IS THIS ACTUALLY GOOD i mean it's danny his music is always amazing even when it's a joke but THIS ACTUALLY GOES HARD ?!!?!!

  • Man why become a ISchatsr when your can be a music artiste

  • Danny cinematic universe: Vampire dad has two sons, Spoiled Kid, and Spooky Man, Spooky man was born with necromancer powers and runs away from his family to go be evil and shit A dolphin on the beach gets bitten by a radioactive man, causing him to morph into Dolphin man, he decides that he will use his powers for good, and meets up with Bootleg Johanson after she looks at a magic necklace, dolphin man sees her debut on tv and calls her up to be his sidekick They discover that there’s been serial grave robbings, where the bodies have been completely gone, but it almost looks like they’ve come back to life and dug themselves out of the dirt. They connect it back to Spooky Man, who went missing years ago, and connect his brother, Spoiled Kid, to go find him. Spoiled Kid doesn’t have powers, but Bootleg Johanson and Dolphin Man fight their way through to get to Spooky Man, and end his rein, But right before he dies, he tells them his plan, he was only a decoy, robbing graves all over the world to create an army for his boss, *craig* They know they can’t fight *craig* alone, so they form a team. A super team, the only thing that will defeat him, they become one identity. *The Greg* you can add on idk who else would be apart of the greg but I’d like to think there’s a few

  • Why are all Danny’s songs amazing? 😅

  • dang this was rly 7 months ago-

  • "You will never have a rich dad, you will always have a tiny baby bitch dad"

  • who's his mum

  • Beat is fire

  • This is actually better than most actual rap songs nowadays

    • Yep I already noticed that

  • my cousin loves it, thank you Drew

  • I unironically know all the lyrics now

  • COD ragers anthem

  • Your rap is so good omg

  • i like how much effort he put in HE RENTED A FUCKING MANSION FOR THE VIDEO like this man is dedicated and the song is actually better then most youtube rap songs tbh i dont get it

  • So you're a dahmpire

  • Maybe his phone has a card reader :/

  • this is actually good

  • Danny raps so clear that the captions catch up!😀 and his songs are soo good !!!😊

  • the word “dad” was only said 11 times, i’m admittedly a little disappointed

  • Danny has two types of music videos. 1: Big Budget 2: green screen

  • Giorno Giovanna in another universe:

  • BARRSS!!!