Scales: The Insane Mermaid Movie Nobody Asked For

Birt 31 mar 2020
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Scales: Mermiads Are Real is an extremely bizarre take on mermaid lore and mythology. Please enjoy my review
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  • HA

  • Is anybody going to acknowledge the Danny spanking Danny painting in the backround

  • 23:43 I thought we where watching mermaid movie not Doctor Who- The Waters of Mars

  • wait hang on, if she started to turn into a mermaid when she had a bath, dos that mean she never washed before?

  • 20:09 this sounds EXACTLY like the mermaids in Harry Potter

  • 14:57 orFISHialy a mermaid

  • Danny: This looks like a fourth grader drew it Me: I’m in fourth grade but I hella gud at drawings. U tryin to say I draw bad

  • Can I file my taxes too?

  • The audio is freaking awful in the movie

  • once she said "you're forgetting something about yourself" I was like, are you gonna control the water inside of him? But I didn't expect THAT

  • you go to the bathroom *gasps* you I'm just gonna go home

  • So are we just going to ignore the fact that she has probably been taking baths or showers her whole life but she’s just now growing a tale in the water?

  • Anybody just come back to watch these?

  • And we're not going to talk about how fake the "pretty" tails look, too XD

  • Jack Dylan Grazer was the best part of this movie. Also RIP why is he always the disabled kid-

  • This feels like a dollar store version of the thirteenth year from Disney


  • Haven't the hunters heard of donating blood? Can the mermaids donate blood?

  • stiff mass


  • "I can control water" "that makes you very unique" "rlly?" "yeah also some random guys may try to kill you"

  • Okay, I know this is a stretch. But this movie cold be a lot more effed up than we think I’m picking up some weird undertone messaging about pedophilia: The main character girl (I forget her name) said the words “my body is changing and I can’t do anything to stop it”, which also sounds a lot like a reaction to puberty She also says this after finding out the brittle bones disease kid’s dad is coming after her. And why is he coming after her? Because her “body is changing” to a mermaid sure this isn’t actually about puberty, but this just struck me as a weird way to phrase the morphing and on top of the dad being really creepy with his friend, idk maybe I’m wrong but it gave me rlly weird vibes. And the way all the women have to stand up to these men and they get so weirdly excited when they capture a mermaid towards the end of the movie. But hey that’s just a theory. Idk man

  • wtf iis this

  • omg the bone

  • LMAO!

  • hi hi HI oh yea hi yea meh name is Greg with a G

  • i think a lot of these kinds of stories are just about the horror of puberty

  • I just realised this movie is a horribly bad copy of the barbie mermaid movie

  • That ending got me TiGhT 0-0


  • fun fact; creepy guy actually kidnaps not one but two girl in pretty little liars

  • M Y M Y P O O P O O~

  • Just think people who want to watch this will be like : yay In the end be like:oh shit

  • Ya know just sometimes ya just gotta hang out with the homies and just... :0O0O0O0O

  • 20:28 I didn`t know that was Sirenhead

  • 21:28

  • 23:42 I don't think that's how that works but this is a movie about mermaids so I guess we're just gonna glance over it.

  • So great to know that the only black character in this film is the villain. *obvious sarcasm*

  • I watched the a while of this movie and I can't tell you how utterly bored I was the entire time. It got interesting like ones but then I began to hate it again. I was looking for mermaid movies or shows and I was really disappointed with the results.

  • Siren: named siren Me: named from a name My name: be interesting for once 🤦

  • is no one going to acknowledge the fact that the movie's thumbnail has two random people on it that aren't in the movie

  • so technically all water benders in Avatar the Last Airbender should be able to kill someone instantly by sucking their victims dry Scales has unintentionally opened a huge plot hole in the series lol

  • Isn’t ur water body 75% water?

  • *-unwaters ur human-*

  • boo

  • i like it

  • And I thought blood bending from atla was bad... THIS GIRL JUST DAMM MELTED HIM JESUS CHRIST

  • yeah that’s just the water tribe


  • I actually don't hate the concept of the movie at its core. If there weren't plot holes but an actually good, concise plot, concepts that make zero sense, actually good and realistic acting, I don't think it would be bad. I find the main theme of a group of people who have superhuman abilities, with a kid turning out to be one, slowly realizing their powers and finally becoming one with them and crushing a resistance that hopes to use their power for pure evil (not actually curing diseases in my mind) kinda cool. The mermaid idea isn't the worst, but if everything was fixed and the movie was fleshed out and made actually good, I think I would watch it.

  • SHIT,how the hell does he look so much like Seamus Gorman?(this vid came up in my recommended and I realised that he looks like Seamus Gorman...)

  • dozent adam apperar in shazam

  • This seems like one of those Nickelodeon movies they play when there’s nothing else to air

  • wait but how can a mermaid be pure blood if there aren't any male mermaids

  • Watching this movie on my birthday was a huge mistake

  • "Humans are 65% water" I really hollered out loud. That was such a wtf moment.

  • I’m making macaroni

  • I’m on the hunters side like at the end that didn’t need to happen

  • Living in water? I can't even go showering without thinking about what's in the depth and I get a heart attack from it!

  • mermaids don't save and heal people - they use their power to torture them till death

  • For me siren’s mom said: bye bye mortal

  • *guys my bones are getting squishy*

  • Tales of Brave Ulysses - sirens sweetly singin'

  • Please review Splash

  • im greg

  • Sirens are actually half bird and they make them hallucinate what they want so they come to their island and eat them. Mermaids just want hot sailors to fall in love with them lol

  • minion

  • no one: Me coming back for my monthly re watch of this video: 0.0

  • 2:09: how covid feels when you have it and sneeze

  • has she never bathed before?? why has she never transformed before when she bathed? or ig she just bathes herself by rubbing her skin with wet towels or something idk

  • im

  • 4:39 Well, I mean come be fair, school bathrooms can be a bit gross🤷‍♀️😂 Also, I was on Netflix one day and I found this movie one day. When I was done, I was pretty weirded out with how the whole movie was. I was like 😑

  • Me no understand

  • gerg

  • Omg I actually watched this :/

  • this is like a knock off from H2O just add water... the classic

  • My bones are squishy 👉👈

  • I legit though that instead of killing that guy she was going to water bend or something and kinda control him, but HOLY did that took a different twist lol.

  • People in this movie in 2020:”WE NEED MERMAID BLOOD!!”

  • I’m getting horrible migraines from these horribly made movies.

    • Had to scroll all the way down to see your comment

  • Sorry I gotta use the loo (gasp)

  • Why did the black guy had to be so damn creepy 🤔 👀

  • To be honest though I wouldn't want to donate blood to humans either when most don't care about water pollution/cause it. After watching the full video I'm just assuming they were too afraid to admit to being mermaids and being killed anyway trying to heal people. The movie failed to make that clear.

  • the movie is call mermaids are real and her name is siren so i dont think its a spoiler that shes a mermaid

  • For someone with brittle bone syndrome, Adam sure does move around a lot

  • Wtf his dad hunts multiple mermaids but his son is not cured?//? BAHAHHSHAHA what kind of dad is this wtf

  • So ur saying she’s never taken a bath before??/??

  • Friend:has disiese which can cause sevre pain in bones and harder to move around day and night and also by just one slam of a door half of his arm breaks Siren:Ok.fine..jeez sometimes you get my nerve..

  • Moral of the story: *there's no nice word for ugly*

  • This means that women don’t want to help other people, and are the ones that people appreciate the most...

  • Man: takes off clothing *turns into puddle of water* yeah boi a 100 percent water now no need for that 35 percent clothing

  • Amogus

  • "damn that sounds like a hot mermaid voice were gonna get me some of that" once again danny got me dying

  • Me: hears the outro song coming Also me: Im watching youtube and Im wondering why If anyone gets this I love u

  • I can't believe i actually watched the whole thing with my sister AND kinda enjoyed it at that time lmao

  • 21:51 everyone must say my my poo poo 😌 amazing ART

  • im pretty sure its based off a book

  • 2:30 bro that transition though 👀👀

  • All the male mermaids are fishmen. -OP

  • the guy who got pinned cannot laughter anymore hehe