How 2 Be Healthy

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I have rosacea
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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on ISchats, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.


  • 8:20 this is actually somewhat true. Women who eat nuts frequently are at a lower risk of breast cancer.

  • "so while i crack open this canister of almonds, let me tell you todays sponsor" *puts down canister*

  • Ah yes refreshing raisin water

  • guess i’m goin to jail, i had more than one laughter

  • I don’t remember if I actually commented under this video or not but my grandma got cancer, fought off the cancer, began to eat almonds constantly, then a few years ago she stopped eating almonds, today she told me she has breast cancer I know this isn’t something to joke about but maybe they were onto something.

  • 11:15 those are grapes...

  • Oh boy *stares at rocking chair*

  • Ha

  • what did u do to your pants, please tell

  • Fun fact: Bitter almonds contain small amounts of cyanide, and eating 30 of them could get you poisoned. That is not a problem with regular almonds you can buy from stores, as they are a different variant of almonds and not poisonous, but these posts never specified which almonds you should eat. I feel like if you eat 30 bitter almonds every day, you won't have to worry about any of these issues, because you'll slowly poison yourself to death.

  • i turned on notifications

  • Looks like I used my one laughter 3:48

  • As someone from India, I truly apologise

  • I am lactose intolerant and I can confirm, I have no bones. Actually my bones are squishy. (But i still love milk)

  • now I know how he ages backward. he just uses these hacks.

  • Ngl I didn’t find ur video funny at all? Tbh u talking so much was kinda annoying

    • what else id he supposed to do? just sit silently?

    • tbh watch another channel, hes a commentary channel unlike those dogshit rEaCtIoN channels where they watch videos with a camera then at the end go "you that was crazyyyy guysssssss see ya next time" its fine to not like something but youre reasoning is just dumb

  • George Washington really did just speak simlish to win a whole ass war

  • when you understand and everything that you learned after the unit test

  • 11:13 why is no one addressing this glorious pun.

  • what if i didnt have any laughters?

  • The funny thing is George Washington is a legend because he made shit up. If he didn’t deceive the British into believe that American was a lot stronger then it actually was American probably would’ve lost

  • Aight everyone is talking about how Danny is stupid for not knowing raisin water is grape juice, but no one is talking about his genius ass pun "They should like try making raisins with the water built into them.... ....that would be GRAPE"

  • raisin with water build in, that would be grape

  • ONLY 11 ROLL BACKS (yes i took the time and leberty to count that im officially an idiot)

  • Someone: eats 100 apples a day 100 almonds a day and 100 lemons a day also them: I M O R T A L

  • Does someone have a link to the “What are you going to do about it?” Video? I can’t find it

  • me sitting here eating a qauter tub of icecream and telling me to be healthy😐

  • ha

  • 4 D A T E S = N O W E A K N E S S

  • idk if says the smae thing for everyone else, but it says the video came out on April 30th rather than April 19th, when it actually came out


  • I feel like Alia Bhat needs to know that The Danny Gonzalez called her a nice looking young girl..

  • 9:25 Me: MOM! I NEED TO GO TO THE STORE! Mom: What do you need? Me: Dates. Mom: Okay... why? Me: I WILL NEVER DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mom: I'm worried about your mental health...

  • The seagulls one was a little funny

  • My mom has a headache right now. Time to get some ALMONDS BOIIII

  • Figures. I’m actually allergic to almonds.

  • The almonds kicked in his new videos

  • I am sorry Danny but i have had, 2 laughter!

  • *h e l t h*

  • "they should make raisins with the water built into them" It took me an EMBARRASSINGLY LONG TIME to get that😭

  • “I dont even know what a number is

  • This is the shit my gramma reads on Facebook by “ doctors “ and screams at me to do.

  • “5 almond daily no cancer” *We did it boys, cancer is no more.*

  • im greg

  • 11:10 But raisins are dehydrated grapes

  • 1:45 is there a lie tho

  • “🕺🕺🕺 why’s my wife such a bitch?”

  • *I have been trying, it's been so hard to get to the end of this video..Its been almost a year but I cannot stop having my one laughter..please, someone teach me how to get to the end of this video..I.. have only ever gotten to 4 minutes before having to click away..*

  • people said 7 raisins daily will improve your memory

  • Omg that one laughter was SO SEXIST- Funny, BUT STILL-

  • Imagine if Laura came into the room at 4:41

  • I’m pretty sure raisen water is grape juice

  • danny the science expert over here

  • *pruflufindoofin* 😎 *siadnadyagnacockadinadi* 😌✊🏼

  • is anybody gonna tell danny he only needed to eat 12 almonds...

  • 4:38

  • If they made raisins with water in them, that would be grape

  • i did not run 30 minuets today guess like im emotionless now i wonder why im laughing

  • A danny video a day keeps depression away

  • That is for sure an indian meme page

  • 11:13 that would be g̶r̶e̶a̶t̶ grapes

  • Kidney failure? Just float in raisin water, thats the only blood purifier you'll ever need!

  • Question if you eat 50 almond s a day do you become the God of God of gods where your able to see the outside of the universe

  • "They should try making raisins that have the water built into them. That would be grape"

  • I haven't used my 1 laughter yet wish me luck Edit: I used it

  • ha

  • 5:34 the middle guy looks like harry potter-

  • I’m now going to eat 10 almonds for each meal.

  • It's seagull not Steven Seagal ffs Daniel

  • me watching how 2 be healthy wi'll eating a icecream cone.

  • that makes sense why i don’t have any bone problems

  • jokes on you guys, i eat 31 almonds a day

  • e

  • Raisin water gets rid of acne if you drink it on an empty stomach for 40 days. WELL NO DUH, YOU WONT HAVE ANYTHIN IN YOUR BODY. No protein, no oils, nothin.

  • _wives just wanna eat their husbands_

  • I'm sorry I don't understand any maths so I'm not sure if I've gone over my one laugh a day limit

  • Combine 4 dates with a glass of milk with 14 almonds YOU'LL BECOME AN IMMORTAL BEING AND EVERYONE WILL BOW DOWN TO YOU

  • I want 20 min of Danny acting out famous battles

  • 4:37 Trust me you wont regret it

  • I'm kinda new to this channel and I used to thi k that he's 19 or smth

  • Danny Gonzalez: ‘legends make up there own answers’ Me: so you make up your own answers. (Because you are a legend)

  • Damn I should have eaten more almonds then maybe I wouldn’t have cancer

  • Why is Danny sometimes so blushy?

  • Bro I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again but you got the comedic chops. The little skit you did when you shot yourself, kinda reminded me of like Rick & morty style comedy. Idk if that’s what you were going for but I like it.

  • when he did the work out it looked like a dance

  • Almond Asmr

  • Go watch Dr. Mike

  • 2 almond *daily*

  • Wow. Finnaly a good youtuber!: Good editing, Actully funny, Entertaining!

  • Ha

  • This isn’t related but gender envy, that’s all

  • Why is it 5 almonds? If i eat 6 almonds will i get stage 2 cancer?

  • Maybe don't feed seagulls

  • Fun fact male lions kill and eat mateless female lions cub

  • GERG

  • Nobody: Danny's eyebrows: --_

  • Rug

  • Oh gosh i had way to many laughters.


  • 1:45

  • I’ve been click baited