Spookley And The Christmas Kittens Is A Confusing Trainwreck

Birt 12 des 2020
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  • The twist at the end is too deep

  • I notice you have my state you your shirt....😌

  • Better than the kung fu panda ripoff lol

  • Where I live if you don't get rid of the pumpkins on your porch they just freeze and will basically look fresh until spring if you don't carve them. I'm not kidding, once I was to lazy to get rid of them so they still looked fine when I threw them out in January. So yea, the pumpkins could still be there during Christmas.

  • santa took the caller so the cat wasn't owned and then the family can have the cat and not return him an it was dumb anyways so meh

  • Damn, imagine not having friends (the show) in America 😂😂😂

  • 7:25 Boxing Day Snow

  • Im binge watching big bang theory rn, and the scarecrow reminds me a bit of stewart

  • 6:16 the best sentence in history

  • "Does this dude just like the thrill of stealing stuff?" **Sly Cooper enters chat**

  • Didnt even realize my shitty spelling mistakes My “theory” is that the owl takes the color? Cowler? Whatever And it has Santa’s address so he takes it from him but idk why he drops is and why the raccoon has it afterwards but whatever Yk what my point is

  • the real question is where are the 2 bats from the first movie?


  • i can assure you when we use express vpn and we have been using it for years at this point every time we log to great Britain the wifi is soooooo slow

  • Not gonna lie the animation in this movie is fine, but some parts of the script is kind of inappropriate (BoBo’s lines)

  • Waitttt this movie is literally a copy of a book I read when I was a kid

  • Wait santa waited a year to give this cat a collar? Is that normal

  • 15:18 not to mention all the elves and reindeer

  • Well technically in the start of the film it said 1 year later, so that actually means the pumpkins have been rotting for an entire year and two months.

  • Thick, course, and not fun to touch, the perfect description of this movie

  • Omg lol 😆 😂 🤣 😅

  • the cat's voice actor is the same guy who does buster from arthur wtf??????


  • 13:12 my opinion on this clip is that how much water are in that one goddamn 6-7 inches wodden cup? Is there a fucking water fountain in that fucking cup?

  • Those pumpkin is racist against Square Pumpkin

  • moral of the story: Santa is an as*hole

  • The pumpkins are one year older because the story is set a year later

  • 16:04 holy shit mistletoe is so dead after that fall, he landed on the point of the house face first. o u c h

  • Where did santa raccoon get the kittens

  • Mistletoe is kinda incompetent. He could just retrace his footsteps back to the farm, dude, use common sense

  • Is the person playing mistletoe the same person that plays buster in arthur? Because it sounds like him

  • santa didn’t even let mistletoe keep the collar😭😭greedy asf

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  • Bow bow:i saw it first its mine i love him oh yah ;) Edit:WHAT U WARING RATTATONG 19:05

  • Yeah, Santa’s plot was pretty convoluted. XD

  • It’s called Jack O Lympics because it’s when Jack gets to murder a couple pumpkins

  • santa litteraly put his pet in a snow ball to suffocate and then threw him out his house to kill Missletoe so he doesnt have to live with him and the murder is blamed on the farm owner

  • He should react to wild child

  • Is no one Gonna mention the genius of “from the top make it drop that’s some wet a** 🐱 12:12

  • Cat purchased slave kittens with collar from raccoon

  • I think they wanted to make a special for every holiday, but they only had the budget to make one set of models. Now there's going to be pumpkins teaching us about Easter and the 4th of July

  • I can see they improved in their animation but made the story worse and pointless.


  • I Saw a YT Video Once and it Was Really Bad The Two Good Things I Can Say About The Movie are: 1. It Was a Minecraft Video 2. He Doesn't Usually Swear But Then He Failed Something So He Was Gonna Say Sh*t But Then He Remembered He Doesn't Swear So To Hide The Swear, He Said F*** Like W H A T

  • Hahaha funny🤣🤣

  • Can you do a review of babes and toyland 1997

  • The closing song on all of his videos is so good

  • I what would make this move even more unsettleing like where is jack holding the baby scarecrow

  • The original Spookly is, The Promised Neverland, scarecrow is mother and the pumpkins are the kids

  • 10:45 shane dawson knows

  • lol LOL Lol LOL lol

  • Oh. Please... I Don t remember...

  • Hey!! Jonny did you kill all those people??

  • Santa didn't even notice mistle toe / the cat hanging on to the slay it's like santa doesn't even love mistle toe/the cat

  • Santa already gave the cat or mistle toe a gift so he could get a second but he already had a gift it was SANTA lol LOL

  • Bobo is so weird what if she not only try to flirt with almost EVERY boy she meets but she flirted with the SNOW bobo is a weird pumkin bobo STOP!!

  • Mistletoe sounds like the voice of Buster from Arthur

  • Good job IDIOT” Danny Gonzalez-

  • 11:39 did they just like forget to animate the blue kitten singing? Or? XD

  • just realized that violin noise edit when santa grabs the cat is from batim


  • my brother watches these movies😔

  • Mr. Gonzalez I am a new subscriber a new Greg if you will. And I am loving your content

  • Little Tom was a Twitter user re-incarnated as a pumpkin

  • so I was thinking I recognized mistletoe's actor from somewhere. *IT'S BUSTER BAXTER*

  • How is their so much water in that cup 13:11

  • 11:12 😂

  • OOOOOH the va for Mistletoe is the same as the guy who voiced Buster from Arthur! The voice was so familiar it was bothering me

  • I'm not gonna lie, when Danny said "you insensitive sack of sh*t", I choked on my Smartie. I just breathed it back into my throat.

  • Ever since I saw the raccoon I knew he was Santa He just gave off them vibes

  • Imagine the cat fucking the pumpkin

  • That scarecrow got me actin strange 😳

  • 11:06

  • "Are these pumpkins Christian?" A question I didn't think ever needed to be asked until now.

  • But Danny yourrrrr santa. you killed him and put on his coat.

  • Spookley spookley look at him he's so (???) he won't fit in bro spookley was my childhood

  • Are these pumpkins legal tho?

  • Maybe Santa wasn’t the owl but the owl was Santa

  • If every day is a holiday on Holiday Hill Farm, than these pumpkins are celebrating *every* holiday. These guys are very diverse.

  • i don't care if mistletoe is green because christmas colors HE LOOKS SO BAD couldnt they have picked a nicer shade of green other than mountain dew vomit

  • I have never heard of this

  • Its like going tô trickertreat on the day before halloween

  • Anybody else see when mistletoe called the other kitten mistletoe? Credit goes to Mi

  • POV: ur santas cat

  • You are entirely too proud of that WAP joke

  • The cat: *speaks* Me: Holy fuck its Buster Baxter oh my fucking god-

  • Lol no one is talking about when Danny said "wait he fell in a whole and only the bottom of cat got wet.... Cuz from the top make it drop that's a wet a$$ pu$$y" omg I can't stop laughing

  • Why does Santa lowkey look like Ryan Magee

  • I've had the same pumpkin for 7 months now....

  • 12:36 water boarding?????

  • Who had the idea to cross the Christmas Cat with Spookley the Square Pumpkin!!!! The Christmas Cat was an awesome children's book and this is an absolute disservice

  • funny

  • The kids did look creepy T-T

  • Santas a furry


  • It's definitely no coincidence in this movie that Santa is an anagram of satan.

  • Christmas Snow 2 electric Boogaloo (Btw it said mistletoe looked up at the stars but it's day soo... Wtf)

  • Little Tom is probably a conservative republican 😒

  • 2:27 the scarecrow kermited soowside rip.________.

  • Who is the 1k dumbasses who dislike his stuff?

  • I tuned out then tuned back in like halfway through the video and im so fucking confused guys