Joker TikToks Stop Please

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joker tinktonks gotta stop make them stop
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  • I should not be watching this during school I’m laughing so hard

  • to be honest id choose to go with the kidnappers

  • This is the definition of "we're evolving just backwards"

  • Im glad i havent downloaded tiktok yet so i can discover them with good commentary

  • You'll never know. Indian joker the best 😁

  • Brunette guy's joker face just looks like he got a ball drop kicked to his nads Green hair just looks like a cartoon character after being punched in the face 7 or 8 times

  • god how can ppl stand tik toks where the song is part of the meme/trend? just watching this video made me never want to hear that song ever again. if I end up hearing it somewhere else, I will scream and ppl will get rly confused

  • is just... a very edgy Jim Carrey face

  • Well buddy every tiktok that came off in India, was shit. I guess that's why it got banned.

  • Indian guys think this is badass or something 🤣🤣

  • 10:11 Scott Pilgrim in a nutshell

  • F in chat for danny having to watch there Tik Toks

  • This is funny plz help I choked 20 times on YOOHOO help me

  • I didn’t think people can look any fukn stupider.

  • hi guys, i'm an indian greg, and i deeply apologize that you had to go through that traumatic event.

  • The ultimate superhero team: Joker Jester Dolphin man Varley Metalic robot man

  • 5:04 I wanna pour some oil and burn them so bad

  • 3:22 *ew*

  • this is what tiktok looks like in south east asia lol

  • We've finally seen the Intimidate ability on something other than a Gyarados.

  • 1:50 me trying to take a shit in the morning like

  • Pause at 11:04 the guy in the red sweater looks like an ailen

  • Danny: i'm gonna show you this but dont click off the video Me: sees the fist tik tok also me: *leaves*

  • Thanks, I hate it.

  • 11:19 LMAAOO IM DYING-

  • Lol

  • I don't understand


  • if the kid can make the face then why did the kid not do it before

  • Name:Joker. Ability:Make people fear you like Batman.

  • I lughaf so hard

  • What is the joker song it’s such a fuckin BANGER

  • And people wonder why I don't like men...

  • I will say, if you're gonna become a tik Tok "superhero", why would you choose the name of the most well known super villain of all time?!

  • Wait is it fucking, time? Or fucking time?

  • They just look like cringey teens tryna be edgy on Roblox

  • OK I promise I won't leave Edit: ok I leaving after that first guy looked like he shat himself

  • 🖌️+🍎=applepen 🖌️+🍍=pineapplepen

  • I actually hate this I’m sorry. This man sucks


  • Why is that face so much scarier than the joker face 5:31

  • wtf

  • Where the heck do they get the actors for these weird af tik toks

  • I see why they ran this face should be used as in a video title how to get out of kidnappings robbery murder and many more cops come after you hit a man make the face you have saved your self from jail time and in court make the face you win because everyone's scared if that face and the random bone cracking that they run and you win

  • Faraz looks like he took a big dodo-

  • Manager: so, do you have any special skills? Me: 1:12 Manager: 1:20

  • Low key I like the song they play when they “transform”...anyone know what it is called ?

  • 6:09 Danny sat on photoshop for a good 20 minutes making this image.

  • hello,im patricia coming from another channel nice to meet you gregs

  • "when he made the face before, everyone kneeled. was that like, were they gonna... huh, good for them!"

  • He is gonna cure cancer with that face

    • @MinnowClaw yea

    • Scare the cancer out of their body

  • constipated mode activated *it’s crapping time*

  • I don’t know why but I laughed so much

  • the kidnappers ran away bc of the face. if i were the kid i would run back to the kidnappers

  • at 12:54 -> 13:06 all that I could notice was that guy in the background and just staring at him like " What the heck is that dude doing?!"

  • The face is like he was constipated & trying to take a huge shit, & it finally came out

  • Malyalikal undo


  • I thought they do smiling Titan face from attack on Titan anime

  • Thank God TikTok finally got banned here in India!!😁

  • And my little sister watch that like a psychopath😠

  • 4:31 that should be a meme template

  • 13:50 I cried laughing 😂 "Time to have a sex" -Danny Gonzalez

  • Momo ripoff?

  • As a dc fan I do not understand these trends, what has society come to?

  • fuck sake why cant tik tok get banned in america

  • God please no

  • So I had my younger sister watch this & she just ran

  • This is better to listen to rather than watch.

  • I clicked off

  • is it possible for me to buy that poster of danny with the asthma breather thingy? looks really dumb and funny

  • No... dont click off, it'll get better I HPPE

  • Cringe go BRRRR

  • Dany: Wait A Second And hold The Phone Me: But I Have A Laptop Dude!

  • I literally couldn’t watch this when it came out bc I couldn’t stand their faces so here I am trying again months later

  • Pick a different song you pieces of shit! - A message from His Imperial and Royal Majesty, Kaiser Wilhelm der Große.

  • Those faces are ugly ngl

  • Gave him the squishy bones

  • plot twist: they are both the stunt doubles of the batman movie

  • What in the straight tiktok

  • Ew

  • yt algorithm

  • Danny's face is just a perfect born meme.

  • One of the single most cringey things I’ve ever seen ever lol

  • MOMO?????

  • "Your gain" is a good song but they ruin it

  • Lol I saw my neighbours do this on the terrace when his mom said they were studying😂

  • Guy wears a love hoodie, gets broken 😞

  • *C R I N G E*

  • geez, this tiktoks are discasting,,,

  • "Doin" his little face😭

  • And here, before watching this video, I was thinking that I was going to react to some really weird Joker Cosplays I was wrong.

  • the second dude had brittle bones and it was morning when he filmed it his bones were getting squishy

  • “And she says ‘you know who that is? That’s the grinch’ and I went:” \ / 👁 👁 👃 \ / ----

  • Tik taks 2:42

  • At 7:48 I thought the girl was being kidnaped because that seems to be a team

  • I bet you they think that this is hip and cool but he looks like me when I bite into a sour orange

  • The Joker watching this video:👁👄👁

  • “And he gives him the squishy bones” ~Danny Gonzalez~

  • the guy with the colored hair kinda reminds me of a titan from aot and the guy with the brown hair kinda reminds me of a possessed Bugs Bunny