These Guys Again ("Up" But Everything Is Even Worse)

Birt 31 júl 2020
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The gang from "What's Up" is back and worse than ever
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  • me when i cant turn my tablet on for 9 days: 10:52

  • As a Chinese person, I’m kinda offended

  • At 13:33, there's a racing poster, but in the corner there's a DVD logo. Actually that's not a bad idea for promoting their other films. I'm also not surprised they ripped off Cars.

  • "What was that, a weird sound i gotta gooo~ XD

  • I’m watching this as a Chinese person WHAT THE F*UCK

  • meme 15:28

  • 10/10

  • "I swear I unsubscribed from that darn Chinese news program! Must be a virus." Me: looks at year. Also me: *ah.*

  • Salt laser gun cyberpunk 2077

  • Man, Gunto really assalted those monsters

  • 12:45 that face

  • The country breakfast has a more complex personality then the crum.

  • Biggest anime betrayal, Dicksy Gaki killed Diggy Gorgonzola

  • :P.

  • I am a country man i eat country breakfast

  • There is a little cars poster in this movie

  • Greg in the background ... R On the floor country breakfast

  • 13:41 does this Cars ripoff movie exist? I want to watch it

  • Nutcracker is a parent confirmed

  • I studied 2d and 3d animation and i really don't know how they messed up stuffs like vibrating hair lol like how did you fucked up so hard to get there??? Also the lipsync is so bad I'm so confused, it seems they over keyed it but why would they do that when the movements are so stiff lol

  • i swear that's the tf2 engineer building sound effect

  • RCU (= Ripoff Cinematic Universe) is growing

  • theory: The meteor DID rock Gunto's shit. The family can see his ghost, and that's why Dr. Crumb was only concerned about Amanda, Gunto is a ghost and can't get hurt.

  • i cant believe this movie introduced a salt-laser gun, then introduced monsters that can only be defeated by salt, and then the characters fight the monsters with some bags of cashews

    • omg ur right this movie never fails to irritate me

  • 18:08 the guy got so scared that he threw the porpcorn So hard that it defyied the laws of gravity

  • Guys Eggman orders eggs Cannibalism

  • Anybody wonder why he has a mark on his face in the shape of a mask

  • Is it just me, or does Gunto sound like Chris Thorndike from Sonic X? You know, the most insufferable character in that entire show.

  • MSCHF also made some pretty cool Lil Nas X shoes now too 😂

  • So I watched the first one without sound because I'm sick and then my headache eased up so I'm watching this one with sound and I did not think Dr. Crumb would sound like Dr. Droofinmrez

  • When you realise that the poster in Gunto's room is a poster of a rip-off of cars: *Oh shitz its a rip-off inside of a rip-off!*

  • The music at the beginning sounds like it’s glitching

  • Oh god, the green ball is so hot in this movie..

  • About the ball, I think it wouldn’t have killed Gunto upon landing because it would have reached terminal velocity, since its (let’s say) the size of a baseball and light enough for Gunto to pick up, it shouldn’t have made that big of a hole either. Maybe the ball had a lot of energy? That could have explained the burning and the size of the hole but if it did have that much energy, the fall wouldn’t have killed Gunto but the energy from the ball would. (Just so everyone knows I’m just some kid who remembered a physics lesson, feel free to correct me)

  • Dam that that ball though

  • Gweg

  • 9:24 Paranormal Activity (2007)

  • We gonna talk about the poster is Guto’s room for Os Corrinhos (The Little Cars) that looks like a horrible cars rip off

  • Not sure if this has already been mentioned , but if you look at the poster at 13:36 , you see a rip-off of the Cars Movie. Or as they call it 'Os Corrinhos'. *is this foreshadowing for something they’re working on?*

    • It's called "Os carrinhos", it's a movie, and it's bad

  • Why does Amanda sound like carol from ratatoing?

  • *Why does Amanda sound like Carol*

  • 4:09 Idk what to tell you about the egg, but the coffee is pretty common amongst Italians. It's pretty strong so it's served in a very small cup.

  • I don’t think u understand how funny u r EFFORTLESSLY

  • 12:45 i Legitimately Chuckled at this Part.

  • Greg? Who's that -_- its R

  • The niece looks like a 240p Dalphne.

  • Before you judge let me explain I think the movies combined with a good cast and good writers (and a shit ton of work on the characters) (oh and no racism) would make both this and What's up really good and may not even be rip offs We start off with two famous scientists who caused a city of massacre in the year of 1954 with machines built to look like monsters. The two, being younger and much more athletic, "conquer" the beasts by controlling when they die. Of course the monsters cause mass destruction, something the scientists have to live with for the rest of their lives as they're given medals and support for their studies. Then we skip to a young boy moving with his sister to the lab where their uncle resides. We're told the story mostly through the boy's eyes as, sure, he's neglected and yelled at for playing with things or maybe breaking something. He decides to run off for a bit once family takes it too far by not even letting him in front of the cameras. Along the way he sees something falling (much farther away) and goes to take a look I'm gonna stop here because the movies I'm using probably cost less than 100 dollars to make both of, but I hope you get what I mean.

  • the doctor was probably having a afair with amanda and thats why he cares so much about her XD

  • Can confirm. It would have rocked his shit

  • Did u get sunburned

  • Your skin in the intro looks like you've been having a bath in the sun, are you ok???

  • 19:44 Wtf is about with this nightmare scene?

  • Bro there's a cars ripoff poster behind the profficer guy at 13:37 lmao

  • its so funny to me how you edited the WHAT A BUNCH OF JUNK

  • I’m only half Chinese and the movie is now being racists.....

  • me when I get a message

  • Ha ha brain go brrr

  • 9:16 btw this is just a bookmark for later

  • Im only an environmental scientist, but I would also assume that size meteor would have landed fatally, but at the speed it was moving in the video, it looked more like it was a very slow moving projectile, in which case it wouldnt be fatal.

  • why is nobody talking about the weird music they played when amanda was turning on the antenna

  • The sponsor part is just 22 second Wow.... Finally someone understand

  • 10:27

  • 0:42 Bruh. They're not even looking at the monster.

  • Dr. Crump likes Gunto in What's Up cause he's racist now

  • I just reilized that the episode with "Whats Up" the letters in the backround spelled "geg" and here the backround letters are the "R" Missing in Greg. This man is a gienus.

  • How do these assholes NOT get sued?

  • Does this studio have a Cars ripoff that they made an Easter egg for?😂

  • Anyone else see the cars ripoff poster in that scene where they were talking about the green ball egg thing

  • 1:20 PLS IM IN TEARS

  • Even tho monsters vs aliens was made in 2009 the animation is so amazing

  • The real secret is that Gunto is actual a 100 year old Eldridge being that has been watching the family to make sure they don’t tell everyone they exist

  • 8:10 im pretty sure if an object with that speed reached the surface of the earth he should be dead just by the pure heat of its speed, but even if magically he managed to not die, picking up that green object from space should defenitely give him cancer since its 100% radioactive

  • So it’s not Greg anymore... it’s ‘R’.

  • 9:24 they even ripped off cars in the poster lmao

  • He should react to wild child

  • This move is racist to black people too

  • 15:29 is the single funniest scene in this movie and you cant convince me otherwise

  • I’m so proud to be a Greg!

  • 2:59 Robot: *racism mode activated*

  • i stan zooks hes a real one

  • 6:24 We-we’re not going to talk about the random man just popping in there?

  • Up but everything down..... And sad

  • Express BreakFast = Egg served at the speed of light Country BreakFast = Egg BreakFast with Nuts = Egg with Nuts?? Sunday BreakFast = BreakFast on Sunday BreakFast Delight = Egg with pink frosting

  • big and little sounds better so its okay you said it wrong danny

  • A Chinese virus????? Sounds familiar

  • Already 3 minutes in and Danny’s already saying “ well right off the bat there being racist”

  • The impolite swiss jekely bump because beauty especially provide modulo a quaint size. rampant, certain dinner

  • no one is talking about how Gunto sounds like Ash Ketchum from Pokemon..... Just sayin

  • Chinese virus huh

  • 19:31 You mean as-salted

  • Paused 12:02 Danny doesn't exist, it can't hurt you. Paused 12:02 Danny:

  • Why does gunto ( not sure how to spell it) sound like ash from pokemon indigo league?

  • The robot got covid and not cuz he was speaking Mandarin.

  • My Aunt calmed my cousin with a slap.

  • As a Mississippian, here in the south we do not get one egg for breakfast and it is not served by a racist robot. Instead we get up and go to mcdonalds. And also instead of being served by racist robots, the person across the restaurant is a racist 60yo that denies science and does not wear her mask. *intensely chews mcgriddle*

  • Hey.

  • petition for danny to be in the ring reboot

  • Damn. Danny's makeup sucks.

  • Anyone else notice the knock off cars poster?? It’s behind dr crumb 13:34