Commercials From My Nightmares (flashing lights 10:40-10:50)

Birt 12 feb 2021
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WARNING: Flashing lights from 10:40-10:50 sorry I forgot to include this in the actual video!!
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  • I showed my friends one of your videos so now they call me Greg


  • Bro 5:56 had me dead


  • What about those ads on ISchats about that one face product? You rub it on, black heads apparently just leave your pores. And your skin is a blurry edit- obviously smoothed in a video editor. I just got one of those...

  • You can't see things that aren't there but threes a movie playing and a light shying over it on the tv

  • "I am sexy roll"

  • navy guys

  • Danny getting the academy award for best actor when???

  • I'm a real boooooooy. Cracks me up.

  • Is it just me or like do Americans always keep electric shavers in their cars incase they need to huringly pull outside somewhere needing to rush out and keep their handy electric shaver in the car for those moments?

  • I'm just gonna make a flashlight that's actually just a fucking zweihander

  • I need military grade earplugs for these ads

  • thanks for including the warning in the title :]

  • Thank you for actually putting a time stamp for the flashing lights!!! Most people don’t care enough to put that effort in so I just can’t watch the video at ALL instead of just skipping the few seconds I can’t watch

  • i am now a Greg.

  • I know this video is a bit old but why the stupid sun blocker thing works is just it has a filter that screens use to display images so it *may* work but you'd have to remove said filter to see if it does.

  • Can we pls appreciate that Danny put a warning in the title🙃

  • This video is hilarious. Great job Danny!

  • 14:46 lol nick’s troops are at war with a family home

  • Wow

  • Jesus is Lord. Please accept Him as your Lord and Savior. He died on the cross for you and everyone.

  • 7:33 made me fall of my chair

  • Tac wallet: It can easily fit in ANY pocket! Women: 😑🙄

  • You remind me so much of my friend!!!

  • Omfg I remember when I was like 8 I saw the tacbat ad while I was watching tv and I even remember telling myself “wtf is that”

  • This is how much I like your intro oh sorry outro😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕❤💕❤💜💛💚💙

  • Tactimus Prime, it’s optimus prime but more TACTICAL! Also GRREAT JOB, DANNY

  • At 7:22 it’s scary

  • the reason why they don't say he's in the military is to make sure they don't violate the stolen valor act.

  • Normal people when they hear “military grade”: cool! Military people when the hear “military grade”: oh fuck oh god

    • Gunny always told me “remember your gear is made by the lowest bidder”

  • 7:17 11:24 idk why this is so funny i keep coming to this vid just to see this one part

  • My cousin was on his motorcycle about a year and a half ago someone had the visor that is in this video and that caused them to crash into him he almost died and had to go though 5 hospitals for surgery and he is still not recovered from it😐 please don’t get it for ur own safety

    • so please Danny I know you went to buy it but please please don’t use it in your car like actually

  • A VPN cannot protect you from a data breach...

  • 2:04 "we don't wanna get sued" LoL

  • Just because it's WAY too funny to me 9:50

  • 6:26 was funny af

  • 11:26

  • That nutcracker bit was comedy gold I’ve never laughed that hard during a YT video

  • Tactics? Or tictacs?

  • Theory: Tacs target audience is paramilitary/ hardcore 2nd amendment folks who want guns and underground bunkers but never actually want to sign up for service.

  • ɪᴍ ᴀ ʀᴇᴀʟ ʙᴏʏ

  • The newest edition to modern warfare: The Tac-Bat

  • 7:37 just to skip nightmare time

    • 7:40 Choose this one instead, your ears will thank you.

  • So is nobody going to talk about how the tac bat is just a maglite?

  • 7:12 Need i say more?

  • Watch every video where he reviews Nick Bolton and take a shot every time Nick says the word “military” or “tactical”

    • And rest in peace darling

  • These commercials are my CHILDHOOD

  • 5:30 That just means Nick Bolton has military-grade tenitis.

  • i really cant stop laughing at GREAT job DANny.

  • Tactical dantical manticle hanticle tanticle tenticle testi- wait nevermind.

  • no one: not a soul ever: me as a kid thinking i’m a water bender from atla: 8:38

  • Rewatching and still so funny. The angry nutcracker, the callbacks and jokes, all so great.

  • US Navy Sailor here, Military grade means it might work for a few days or it won't work at all. That's why I never buy anything labeled "Military Grade"

  • I beat an attacker to death with the tac baton

  • Nobody should use express use tacticalVPN it connects you when your house is on fire and it even works when you dead. Remember use tacticalVPN

  • Great job Danny

  • Still waiting for the Tactical Undies


  • They literally peeled the polarization layer out of a old LCD tv, like they saw on ISchats. Then act surprised that adding the polarization back makes it visible again.

  • The Tac people seem like they make products specifically for Dwight Shrute

  • 8:06 can anyone make out what the video in the reflection is?!

  • I get that these commercials are ridiculous, but I cringe hearing you say that normal people don’t deal with threats to their safety like this. Not everyone lives in a safe area and honestly that bat flashlight thing seems kind of useful for people (women especially) who have to travel alone. The world isn’t all a safe suburb, Danny.

  • Danny's acting skills are killer.

  • Yah I have epilepsy. Yah I'm currently watching from ten forty to ten fifty what abojtnsdncbdbdnfndndj.

  • These products are 100% targeted at those people who ate fucking obsessed with the army/police and have no fucking chance of actually being in the army/police (nor should they be)

  • the nutcracker skit.

  • 7:13 is my favourite part

  • Former US Army, can confirm, tac stuff doesnt work and isnt used by the military.

  • Nick Bolton is my favorite war criminal.

  • danny: oooh dang twelve inches gah dayum the comments: nutcracker

  • Everybody be chillin til tactical dantical shows up

  • Can confirm, as someone who lives near the naval academy, that fishing is a real problem because instead of fish below the bay, it's just navy guys. lurking. waiting. shaving, possibly.

  • I only started to watch your videos these days so what is the GREG FOR THAT BE REALLLLLL SUSSSSSSS

  • Why does it sound like Danny’s finally hit puberty

  • Add a public comment...

  • Now: tack bat 5 years in the future: tack socks

  • 10:40 10:50

  • I keep watching this just for the nut cracker guy

  • 11:25 lol

  • 10:39 Robber: yo wtf stop am a shoot u weird dud:AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • He talks about tactical situations like being able to be seen from four miles away is tactical

  • The funniest part is the bow because with a actual bow it would be going a LOT faster and in the shot it looks like someone just through a arrow

  • I wanna Tac hamster TAKE MY MONEY

  • Video description: 10:39 - 10:50 Camera on a man and woman in bed at night OFF-SCREEN CRASH MAN gets out of bed and grabs TAC-BAT [V.O.] NICK BOLTON And, it protects you and your family in two ways! SCENE CHANGE to MAN on stairs holding TAC-BAT, INTRUDER at bottom of stairs. [V.O] NICK BOLTON Disorienting would-be attackers with his tactical strobe, MAN points TAC-BAT at INTRUDER, strobe light emits from TAC-BAT into INTRUDER'S face, disorienting him. Text on screen reads: Self-Defense Mode Cut to DANNY DANNY Ah yeah. Cut to slow motion of MAN pointing still flashing TAC-BAT. His face is distressed. Text on screen reads: Self-Defense Mode [V.O] DANNY Look at him; he's got the situation under control. Cut to DANNY, making exaggerated distressed face. DANNY (mocking) Ooh, go away! Aah! I tried to make this as cohesive as I could

  • Nutcracker!Danny is scarier than every horror movie I've ever seen

  • Warning: For Navy Guys Only.😎

  • Wouldn't it be better to just use an extendable baton or something? Maybe something that doesn't brag about being "military tough" when everything the military uses is the bare minimum of like....toughness?

    • Also ffs, no one uses RFID sniffers anymore, why do wallet producers harp on about them so much?

  • The funniest thing about the tac razor has to be the fact that if you drop a regular razor into water it’s not going to break either

  • Corridor

  • Dont all wallets fit in your pocket ;-;

  • lol shave under water who does that

  • i laughed a lot at the last 7 words

  • dude make a mini horror movie already

  • Brilliant, just brilliant.

  • Is it just me or does anybody else would buy one of those tactical fleshlights?

  • Let me tell you that wallet ain't fiting in anyone's pockets especially girls ones

  • yeah my grandpa is always in our pool he literally cleans it thats his food

  • Looking back, if you slow down the footage of the wallet getting shot with the arrow, it has a rubber tip. Somewhat conspicuous because I could even tell there was a slight bend at normal speed.

  • t a c t i c a l s h o v e l