Why Did KFC Make A Romance Movie

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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on ISchats, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.


  • i like your cut g *smack back of head sounds*

  • After seeing this.... I think u should react to Jollibee commercials 😂

  • DoNt cAlL mE cRoUtOn

  • 2:15

  • I got a kfc ad right before starting this lol what a coincidence.

  • Now we know why Mario López doesnt act much

  • Marry this Man AND make him Pay our bills.... Because that f hsppens

  • 2:15 so I googled it and a Garibaldi is a small orange fish.

  • 3 minutes in, and 3 things: 1) "Garibaldi" is the name of the teacher Chandler Bing's (from F.R.I.E.N.D.S.) dad had sex with when Chandler was in high school, so...I can't be the only person who immediately thought of that. 2) That line "your father left us nothing but a legacy of debt" sounds like it was ripped directly from "Titanic" and slightly paraphrased. Couldn't be more lazy. 3) Danny's chocolate jokes are going to make this even more hilarious than I expected! And my expectations for humor in this video were already very high!

  • I got a KFC ad while watching this

  • Why didn't the mom just married a rich douchebag? She was already sleeping with him anyway

  • It has been confirmed in the KFC cinematic universe that this canonically takes place before Sanders got drafted into the war.

  • 14:23 “NO U CONT” 🧍🏽‍♀️ -hermione vibes


  • Who wouldn't love Colonel Sanders?

  • I’m watching Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and this guy looks like young Colonel Sanders and now all I can think of is this video

  • There are only about 4000 KFCs In the US, I thought they would be tens of thousands too hah.

  • This movie, it’s just, *UGHHHHHHHHHHH*

  • It's social conditioning. The new agenda, hate white men.

  • danthony gregtalo

  • 9:57 "widow wabbit" nice

  • 7:41 making your own custom laugh track is some next level shit

  • 4:23 missed opportunity for a segue into hellofresh ad

  • Yoo today after three years I ordered kfc and they didnt give me a part from my order lol sooo go ahead bitches ima be aware of you..and their french fries are never..never tasty..they so dry idk

  • Kfc man look lik if colonel sanders and markaplier had a baby

  • i want danny to play the kfc dating sim

  • They have a dating game lol

  • Does anyone know what danny Uses to edit

  • ah yes more movie put into 16 minutes with interruptions but not ads its about the movie yay!

  • a greg out of ten no it should have been a creg out of 10

  • A couple Danny episodes later, "So, I bought the KFC Console"

  • notifications on now im a true greg

  • The real question is why didn't they make this sooner

  • What a hot *Chick* haha......

  • Hi Gregs!

  • I’m afraid of what a McDonald’s movie would be like.

  • garibaldis are a biscuit

  • Skip to 16:36 for an amazing song

  • ... C. H. S. Not CSJ. Idk why that irked me

  • 10:33 When you step on a squishy leaf

  • When I heard "Garibaldi" or whatever the heck i thought of Ghirardelli as well. I think that's the first thought that should pop up in everyone's mind when they hear that.


  • i’m sorry is that fucking MARIO LOPEZ

  • I’m sorry, WHAT DID I MISS?! 😃🤚

  • So I skipped the kissing scene by 10 seconds because it just makes me uncomfortable and suddenly the chicken man is strapped to a chair and about to be killed *Huh*

  • What the wall sees when I'm watching a movie with my mom and there's a kissing scene 14:43

  • Sexy chicken man?!? wHaT the...

  • “Signed CHJ, Colonel Harland Janders”

  • 20,952 KFCs in 119 Countries and Territories. You are welcome.

  • So... infinity/10?


  • KIDNAPED, more like chicken man named

  • fun fact my last name is sanders so as a kid (im a teen now) people picked on me saying my grandpa wa kernal sanders.

  • They actually made a colonel sanders dating sim

  • 9:33 EXCUSE ME MOM- 😭

  • 7:27 Okay, okay. 😌 I see you.

  • 5:29 So kinda like a Chad?

  • 5:07 Bye Mr. Spy, I mean Mario, I mean Harlan

  • 2:52 Yup, that’s a you problem


  • 0:57 Ooh foreshadowing- 😭

  • Sam, Kurtis, danny, Kendall, and d'angelo are the only people i can binge watch all day and not feel bad about it😭😭

  • who else got a kfc ad

  • If you say Ghirardelli wrong one more time I’m gonna force you to marry a delicious piece of little chocolate don’t test me this ain’t a threat this is a promise

  • are we all forgetting the kfc dating sim

  • I got a kfc commercial when I clicked on the video lmao

  • This video is longer then the movie

  • wittle wabbit

  • When is the Ronald McDonald fanfiction movie coming out 😂

  • I'd take the check 😂

  • ofc i got the kfc ad after the video ended

  • skrrrraaaaaaaaaa

  • This movie is a prono, Only the "prono" is silent.

  • Woman mine this my woman HAHAHAA LOL

  • This widdle wabbit 😂

  • Danny.... if you think this is weird.... you should play the free VN game on steam.... A girl falls in love with an oven and there is a corgi running a culinary school. Enough said.

  • Am I the only one that thought he looked rubber? Like a weird Ken doll?

  • Wow things got dark real fast 😳

  • i would’ve asked for a million

  • OMFG WAIT HOLD UP- not me getting a KFC ad during this 🤭

  • Where did they get the french restaurant's name 😆😂 "le petit pamplemousse"

  • beat it crouton

  • Kernel Sandlers

  • KFC is superior

  • KFC dating simulator is better than this


  • Yay! I found drew gooden's second channel!

  • That's like Dharmann but from KFC

  • 4:58 got me laughin’

  • I am Greg now? I subscribed and turned on notifications

  • Seems like a 4/10 (I haven’t watched the movie)

  • Next kfc review: The dating sim

  • So they have so much debt, and then they hire an expensive chef? 10/10 good move when you're going bankrupt.

  • Picture this monstrosity: Ronald McDonald falls in love with Wendy and the Burger King is their kid.

  • What about the KFC dating game?

  • Danny is the type of person i would want to be best friends with

  • ischats.info/fun/pK5wnYCeaYl-k3g/v-deo

  • nice shirt

  • we're not making a big enough deal about how that's literally mario lopez like what

  • you should be a movie director