DIGTOK (w/ Drew Gooden and Kurtis Conner)

Birt 26 mar 2021
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  • seeing danny laugh so hard makes me so happy

  • I haven't watched one of Danny's videos in a while and I feel like he's getting younger.

  • It’s the first time I have seen a collab where the creators met on zoom lmao I only see discord

  • this was hilarious

  • Bad mobile game ads!

  • I’ve watched the end about 100 times it’s so funny 😂 “I didn’t learn anything”

  • Is it just me or does Kurtis kinda sound like Sidearms from The Crew? 😂 Something about his voice just is very familiar

  • 6:36 man im going to get some pizza

  • I find it genuinely distressing that anyone would watch something so completely stupid.

  • 8:53 is a Gardenscapes ad

  • these tiktoks look like a bad mobile ad

  • lolol the diamond rarity in these videos are like minecraft coal

  • Danny’s laugh makes me so happy😊

  • this video was utter chaos thanks

  • i subscribed and turned on notifications! Im pretty sure im greg now :)

  • omg drew has a last dinosaurs album in the background, i am now in love with him

  • they're out here analyzing these tiktoks the way we have to analyze english poetry in english

  • Dany is having so much fun doing this, he is dying! Omg! Really good video hahahahaha

  • wait up so who is craig again.

  • Why does he look 4 years younger???? Wtf

  • i think the older danny gets, the younger he looks

  • BTW I'm better at minecraft then u

  • I wish I could play minecraft with u :(

  • How did this go from watching cringe tiktoks to talking about wolfs fucking when lighting hits them

  • my three favorite cishet white internet men !!!!

  • All we do is dig dig dig no matter what

  • Note that the zoom call has just one participant... They’re the same person. It’s confirmed.


  • You're face is looks dumb lol I am just kidding Danny please I'm sorry

  • This is one of the only collabs that arent annoying, thanks.


  • Then must be fucking ripped after all that digging

  • Ol.k

  • 6 things That reminds of us of Danny: La Croix, Greg, Hello Fresh, Two different people, Laura, And BillionsSupriseToys

  • Are all of u in the same room but at different corners? You realise that Danny is the only one with door in his frame so they are inside the same room

  • *sad twerking*

  • Banger video

  • currently sobbing bc the zoom call title up the top is “my best friends”

  • This video has been non stop recommended to me for almost a month, I’m finally watching it ISchats

  • His heart became pizza, so quirky 🤪

  • Every time this girl falls in the hole I just picture the guy saying, “It puts the lotion on the skin or else it gets the hose again!” 😂😂😂

  • Why does Danny have a picture of him self drinking water on the wall

  • 5:20 what is the music they use here please help

  • Can’t stop thinking about Kurtis’ hand-waving stink-face and “she’s smokin’ ugly”.

  • Yo I legit see a girl on his picture until my eyes focus.

  • Kurtis looks like an uncle from North Dakota who's come to visit his two teenaged nephews


  • The ad at the end was hilarious. Lol

  • You should see XianLin Cartoons too lol

  • Wait but the fact that the zoom is named “my best friends” is so cute, they are the best

  • I love how the video call is called- My Best Friends- 😌🖐️🥺

  • Why is there only 1 participant in the zoom call

  • but how did danny clone himself three times 🤨‼️

  • Gabby danzalez

  • Danny laughing at Drews jokes is honestly so wholesome

  • I would listen to a podcast with these boys

  • Why does Drew kinda look like slimcicle

  • When you realize that tangled it a mom vs dude story

  • It looks like they’re all roommates in different rooms of the same house when they’re all visible

  • the girl:I WANT TO GET OUT a random: here use this *gives pickaxe* girl:STOP THROWING CRAP AT ME

  • 5:06 Inside you there are two wolves and when you get struck by lightning you turn into them and start 69ing each other

  • Whenever it cuts to kurtis the music just fucking pops off

  • Timmyanut

  • Yo nice collab drew gorden

  • Danny, who is already above the water: "woah this box will help me not drown!"

  • The 69 joke had me dying

  • I’m new can Sombody explain the Greg thing

  • I had to move from da bois last year for school. So does that make me a bad friend?

  • It’s funny how on the top of the call screen it’s titled “my best friends”. He just had to make that really obvious to us.

    • @Markush Ghale Wtf

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  • Ehys. Se wefkwwl, in hgbuu uh ngdkerll. M.l Hilo %m’n

  • Dharr man is multiplying it seems

  • I love that he named the zoom, “my best friends”

  • Can we talk about how Dany named the title of the chat room “ my best friends” 🧍🏻‍♀️

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  • I think I just lost braincells

  • New anime plot: digging for diamonds (in a 2D hole with made in MS paint)

  • 21:57 They didn't see Will Smith?

  • Is it just me or Kurtis looks like a rip-off version of Lazarbeam

  • can we please talk about how similar slimecicle and drew gooden look? this is a completely random thought, but its been on my mind recently

  • god i love how this video reminds me of being in a call with my friends, like!! it really does show that theyre all friends and that they love to be around eachother and it just makes me go

  • They do have the same wall tho...

  • Drew looks pretty dumb with his green screen frame in the background when there's nothing edited onto it 😂😂

  • Obviously they’re in a human ant farm

  • Kurtis is Ontarian which means he doesn't understand what AP Lang is. We learned different types of conflict in Academic Literacy. (Please don't take this seriously I was attempting to make a really niche [not funny] joke)

  • Its a Minecraft reference. You wont get it.

  • Danny please see this I believe that your ‘slapped by legal’ video is down, please look into it

  • I just love Danny's laughter

  • Why do they all use the same room for recording and the same camera angle????

  • More episodes please

  • Do pipes have electricity?

  • Lol

  • I like how kurtis has posters of airplane and caddyshack in his room he has a great taste in classics I respect that

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  • Danny 🌊 Drew 🌲 Kurtis 🌳

  • what with all that digging. its like their kink or something

  • I wish I could give this video more then 1 like 😞

  • Coco powder is hydrophobic. Let’s cancel coco powder!!!

    • what?

  • When I first saw the thumbnail for this I thought one of them was laserbeam NoCap

  • Drew looks like he has a 9 to 5 job, how??

  • I am very confused how there's only 1 person in the call.

  • men only have 2 genders: dude and husband

  • Thanks, Danny. My parents wouldn't accept me for being nonbinary, but then I threw them into a hole and all of my problems are solved.