Candy Ken (WARNING: Flashing Colors 1:12-1:25)

Birt 24 apr 2020
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PLEASE READ: There's a section from 1:12-1:25 that contains some pretty intense flashing colors. If you have photosensitive epilepsy please skip this section (don't worry you're not missing much it's just a bad music video about being a VSCO girl). Thanks to those that brought this to my attention and super sorry for not noticing this earlier.
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  • PLEASE READ: There's a section that contains some pretty intense flashing colors from 1:12-1:25. If you have photosensitive epilepsy please skip this section (don't worry you're not missing much it's just a bad music video about being a VSCO girl). Thanks to those that brought this to my attention and super sorry for not noticing this earlier.

    • No

    • K

    • @Kartofel We all do

    • Thx

    • Dude imagine candy ken being how you find out you’re epileptic

  • this is my 10th time watching this LMAO

  • His girlfriend sounds like she’s gonna tell me how my actions have consequences

  • I watched this with my dad (Big Freakin' OOF) And I couldn't watch neither could my Father. Iwas cringing so hard. To this DAY I still explain it like "17 minutes of eating a whole SUN FULL of sugar-free Haribo gummy bears, but the pain is only in your brain, ears, and eyes". But my dad said and I quote "This is Torture"......sorry dad

  • "guys my bones are getting squshy" who else remembers that vid

  • Danny: Warning: Flashing lights at this time Me: *Skips to see the flashing lights*

  • Um the anime posters

  • as an artist everything about them, the way thy dress, the way their house looks, all of it makes me very very upset edit: ok i just realized there are lolis on his wall and i feel very uncomfortable

  • I could not find his Chanel

  • Are you crazy Yes are you crazy Yes are you crazy Yes are you crazy Yes are you crazy Yes are crazy yes are you crazy Yes are you crazy♾♾♾♾♾♾♾

  • prickywack, wow this is just funny

  • A N I O O O O O O P


  • 1:12

  • Is that a grill or do they not brush their teeth?


  • 5:57 I see some anime posters😍😆

  • Lol- (8:30)

  • How many fried chickens can i get if i fried joe mama and eat infinity chickens and eat raw cooked meal how many? (You wont understand its the language of a alien baby

  • How can a baby give birth to a baby wth

  • Cringe as fuck

  • Imagine seeing these guys in traffic and being like.... OoO

  • Her voice makes me feel like I'm being imapled

  • I think i am colorblind now. (joKe)

  • i have seen the beginning of this video several times, but i kept stopping because of cringe

  • Why is there a warning, in the titel

  • imagine walking on the side walk on a normal day and seeing some girl and boy going sicko mode

  • The amount of CRINGE I felt while watching candy ken is unimaginable

  • he looks like 6ix9ine but with a massive sugar rush

  • I...I feel like my eyes may somehow...anuresum(?) from watching those 2...?

  • I’d recommend watching candy ken in between 3:21am and 5:43am the videos make a lot more sense if you watch it in between those time periods.

  • Pause at 12:51. If this isn’t meme material I don’t know what it is

  • I regret to inform everyone baby J is now ACTUALLY pregnant and I pray they don't always act like they do on youtube/tiktok

  • Did anyone realize that he included the “guys my bones are getting squishy” from the mermaid vid? No? Just me... ok..

  • Bro Candy Ken is clearly a great person, he has anime girls in the background

  • Candy cane inappropriate him covid-19 is everywhere

  • I wonder what their parents think of them-

  • hehe WIDE DANNY

  • The generations of kids growing up watching this kind of content in their formative years are going to be pretty weird I bet

  • She (the girlfriend) is probably trying to sound like Maranda Sings.

  • *greg*

  • Even mr.cringe is embarrassed how cringe this is.[not u greg]

  • Is this how being on weed like?

  • I just wanted to post this comment at the time that I saw this video it’s too early my brain still think that this is part of my lucid dreaming

  • 11 months ago? Dude I swear this came out ATLEAST 1 month ago 💀

  • How do these people sleep at night

  • 14:30 that would make a good anime opening

  • 6:24 In the backround ah yes reg.

  • I don’t know about you but that turtle looks like it’s crying 1:14

  • He’s not pregnant. He’s gregnant.

  • 9:08

  • When the homophobic racist visco girl realizes that and i oop came from a drag queen of colour

  • Jesus Christ is king

  • Was I on a acid trip?!

  • candy ken actual used to be a singer, but he turned around his career, he also uploaded the most insanely not appropriate for ISchats music video, it wasn't 18 plus, and there absolutely NO censorship, NOTHING. Completley bare. It got taken down.

  • wait, i just realized that vsco girls are hippies but modern

  • Anyone else see the homeless man just watching them like “wtf is goin on”

  • Im PeRgAnTiNt


  • why does he look like a scenecore danganronpa fan

  • I go haha every second

  • Why did I think that was Jake Paul on the thumbnail 😂😂

  • 9:31 Pray the baby away

  • Ken sounds like an eastern european version of the guy from Spongebob who died in the high tide

  • The rem poster in candy Ken's house is being tortured.

  • she's been gregnant

  • I’m feeling frickin’ sick

  • no baby its mah bolly ur bolly my bolly ur bally?

  • bruh just wear a mask u dont need an entire space suit

  • She looks like a lego

  • She's actually pregnant now, like she's about to give birth

  • 5:54 wtf is in the background

  • I see that they have anime posters in the background, so as a weeb, imma say that we don't claim them.

    • Same, as an otaku we don't claim them either

  • 8:23

  • love that mermaid tales are real reference

  • Is he a video game character?

  • Are they drunk?

  • god no plz stop

  • Hello i'm subbed, i'm a greg Dis guy is full of bs So is belly girl ps: this is how to spell priky wack

  • pergant

  • Technically it takes 20 weeks when your baby starts to kick. ( If it's the First pregnancy)

  • why is the girlfriend's voice so high?

  • If I met this man on the street, I would have an asthma attack and I don’t even have asthma

  • Why does Candy ken look like 6ix9ine…

  • What a bunch of weirdos

  • What’s hilarious to me is that the term oop is a Midwestern/Western U.S term that you use if you bump into someone or make a mistake. Been around for ages 😂

  • So we’re just not gonna talk about how on the previously part they just put a soft pretzel on his phone and pretended that it was poop 😂

  • There’s one guy that’s looking at them like, “What the fuck?”

  • My fucking eyes have been destroyed from the sheer amount of bright colours.

  • Shocking, she wasn’t pregnuts


  • So... does calliope music just play all the time in downtown LA?

  • 100 bucks that she gives birth to a Barbie

  • candy ken has a suprising amount of waifu posters for a kids channel

  • guys i think shes craignant

  • I have these lucid dreams

  • i have watched this video too many times to count and i still love it

  • This video...

  • 1:12 when i’m on drugs (rainbow colours flashing)

  • 3:27 is that a scales refrence