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Birt 29 maí 2020
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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on ISchats, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.


  • ok but i actually like the hamster harness

  • I bet you that this is in your recommended almost a year after him posting it for pretty much no apparent reason.

  • Why did he get the chicken helmet and tongue ads? Because he kept visiting the how to be disturbing WikiHow.

  • you know what i bet you could find straight up pee on wish

  • Iv been waiting two years for a spider man hoodie from wish

  • Did anyone else see next to the bird holder a snake being sold for 22$

  • W- what I- the S- hecc H- broski

  • Steps to get drone Find a unexpected drone owner Impersonate drone inspector KILL Run fast fast

  • 12:22

  • When I typed 五宝茶 which was written on the tea bag 男人茶 “men’s tea” literally popped up next lol

  • W - wow i - i s - should go to h - hell

  • 3:22- My favourite.

  • i definitely found a crack pipe on wish

  • i watch this video too often, its just so good

  • 3:27 BARS

  • H U M A N T E E T H

  • Btw, don't get headphones or earbuds from here. The sound quality is shit

  • I got a crossbow off wish lol

  • If you bought that laptop you could get the laptop or you could get a cool cardboard cutout so it’s a win either way

  • Warning :"that's what she said joke coming" : 7:06: "hard and lubricated" That's what she said 😂 I am so sorry for the kids reading this comment and are like: what? I don't get it

  • i got an ad on instagram for a wish ass drainer

  • My friend used to have a gps tracker on her hair brush because she kept loseing it. Then she lost the tracker

  • Ok I’m buying the tiny little camera

  • W- we I- incredibly S- sell H- hell

  • don't forget the laxative teas

  • H U M A N T E E T H

  • Damn, wish is loosing idea's so their making weird shit?

  • I love how he says wish dot com instead of just wish. And same for Amazon. 😂

  • Hey, I'm pretty high and that cat sound startled me.

  • 3:22-3:25 Literally all my friends in a nutshell

  • CORN BOAT $100

  • 3:26 hey hold on,when I came to the video I thought those were... hotdogs,I didn't look closely

  • 5:53 omg this beat what is it called

  • bitcoin? no. T E E T H

  • I wish I would get sponsored by one of the greatest teams in basketball! Lakers: you’ve made yourself a deal

  • They make you pay “shipping” also its a fake product

  • anyone else think danny looks like newt from bella and the bulldogs

  • Danny said six pack two time instead of eight pack :/

  • The song danny sang then the human teeth part got me

  • F wish cat blindfolds f u fu f u f u

  • W-why I-is S-sus H-helping

  • Hümæñ tëêth

  • I think those are teeth for making dentures.

  • One euro for a human tongue though... that’s a pretty good deal

  • 0:40 ummmmmmmmm

  • "This guy can't find his house because he sprayed it down with windex and now it's crystal clear"

  • why is NOBODY questiong 0:36? THATS A WHOLE AS TONGUE

  • The teeth are used for creepy/horror crafting! I’m guilty of having ordered weird crafting items from wish- including doll eyes. 😅 Its a huge money saver, if you can stand the 6 month wait.

  • I just ate hello fresh 10/5

  • Bro your vids r soooooo funny🤣

  • The most suspicious thing, imo, is that every item is perpetually 'On Sale!' It really just rubs me wrong

  • Danny:ah men's tea lights your underwear on fire. Danny's underwear: help help I'm burning please take me off I am burning put me in water I am burning please put it out.

  • Hųmãņ ŤĕęȚh

  • it once gave me tank tracks

  • King K Rool probably used that 6 Pack cream. Maybe thats why his belly is so hard

  • g: gross r: stinky e: farts g: greg

  • 7:27 that traumatized me

  • ABSolutely jacked.

  • there's lots of people in the comments giving practical reasons for these products and though i appreciate that you guys want to help clueless people like me, i think i prefer joking about what their purpose could be

  • 7:01 King K rool be like:

  • W eird I nsane S hit H ere

  • Pretty sure the teeth are actually for dentists.

  • why does the oven say 4:50, but the microwave says 6:58 at 19:30 (also laura)

    • i think the oven is preheated to 450° F

  • I hate wish. First order was fine. Waited forever but it got here. The next one I ordered a certain bracelet, and they sent a completely different one, then the shirt and stickers I bought never came and I didn't get my money back for any fucking thing. Stay away from wish.

    • my mom bought us some fidget spinners from wish and they came like almost a year later and were hella cheaply made

  • * when u wish apon a wish dot com u can get …… H U M A N T E E T H*

  • 0:01 *did i just see him wink*

  • 9:43 The way he says "Uh oh" is hilarious.

  • I’m a Magician and that is 100% NOT HOW WE DO THAT DOVE TRICK

  • dreamy

  • So you buy a drone for free and just pay for his snacks?

  • 8:08 +10 light armor

  • My cousin's husband is honestly INSANE and I'm obviously not going to explain the whole situation, but after a while she found a tracker on her car. I wonder if he got it off wish now lmao what a loser

  • Okay but I actually have a hamster leash😂

  • Sometimes Danny's 'wish dot com' jingle gets stuck in my head, and it reminds me of the horrors of the internet! Thanks Danny!

  • 0:46 glitchtrap possession intensifies

  • Danny, did you search for chicks licking helmets?

  • next to the bird holder it looks like their selling a snake for 22 dollars, and i would much rather have to watch Danny's Windex add instead of a normal one lol


  • Maybe there was a *kink in the teeth supplies chain* *wait-*

  • Sponsored by wish

  • that "when you wish on wish dot com" song almost reminded me of like a Caddicarus bit


  • I needn't worry that my old man be stolen. Rest assured his return would be imminent due to the pungent odor of moth balls, Aqua Velva, cabbage and piss.

  • Actually, I've just come across a cheaper (but superior quality) version of finch skullgard.

  • danny is wearing the perfect shirt for the pandemic

  • When you wish on wish DOT com, you can buy... human TEETH

  • He should react to wild child

  • Grannies looking at wish:💅

  • -*C O R N B O A T*

  • that intro tho

  • Eeeeeeeeeeee

  • why did you show the body part

  • w - why i - is s - shit h - here?

  • Don’t forget the cake the cake is also a lie

  • 15:39 I found this image and yeah that blurred picture isn't at all explicit. Just a woman with cleavage. Dunno why it was censored.

  • "maybe there's a kink in the supply chain" maybe there's simply a kink

  • the crackhead in my ally way at 3am 2:42

  • Dat boo made a wish

  • You must to wait at least 2 months and I bought something and it didn't come

  • I bought a thing on wish for $8. A month and a half later I saw an Instagram ad for a different company bu ut it was the same pictures and it was $30 to $100 depending on the size of the kit.