Why Does Anyone Believe Anything On TikTok

Birt 15 jan 2021
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  • Freaking Craig

  • "I'm really jealous and insecure of myself" so you currently?

  • Lies to everyone "But we had fun didn't we?" "People See my face, and it makes me feel better" Shes Literally the worst kind of person...

  • I’m your vampire dad

  • Skinny legend anthem is about shit- the fuck? 😃

  • "She could be behind something else" Me: turns around

  • 10:16 Bruhhhh i already shit 40 TIMES A DAY


  • Her name is ava I know because in the Dr Phil clip he forgot to edit it out a few times

  • So this is how Craig started

  • The first tik tok he just put filter

  • That's why vampires are always depressed; they watch everyone around them die.

  • Also... What does clout mean?

    • It's basically a saying for being famous.

  • 3 months later and I'm finding out about these jefree star rumours.

  • shit I didn’t even know about the rumour-

  • unrelated note my big bro said what are those so i gave him a closer look and he chased me with a knife although the house :')

  • Fun fact: half of the (TikTok) comments are 👐🏻✨ J ✨ O ✨K ✨E ✨ S✨👐🏻

  • her lips look infected from the toilet seat in the doctor phil computer interview

  • Lets cancel humanity


  • source: trust me bro

  • If he was really a vampire he could turn into a bat an fly away

  • "vampires aren't real", says man who never ages and has vampire dad

  • To be fair those actualy are good editing and he probably didn’t want people to believe it but then people did so he was like who wouldn’t want to be known as a vampire

  • this guy: thinks he's a vampire with effect but still have straight teeth me who has actual fang teeth: 🙄

  • Showing off his teeth and his teets

  • Pov: you checking the comments to see if she commented on this video

  • Wait Craig was the one who STARTED THAT LICKING TOILET COVID TREND???? I remember losing all hope in humanity bcs of that stupid trend lmaoo

  • “Isn’t that what Tik tok is literally for??” No Tik Tik is literally there to allow the Chinese to monitor and manipulate Western (specifically American) Youth, my sources are legit and I’ll probably be killed soon.

  • The vampire dude. A Ripoff of Edward from Twilight.

  • I used to believe the fake creepy pastas there just trying to scare you

    • @Giorno Brando sometimes

    • @Thesmile Guy Wait they show that content on tiktok? November can never stop me now

    • I meant creamy pastas on tiktok

  • I feel bad for Danny because he is on "Straight Tiktok"

  • Apparently vampires don’t know what “retractable” means either

  • Ya know what? This girl doesn’t even deserve to be called *Craig* Calling her Craig is giving her wayyyy too much credit, it would honestly be a compliment to call her Craig because it doesn’t represent the evil she truly is This girl is not a Craig, she’s most definitely not a Greg, this girl... is a *BAIG* Because all she does is *BAIG* for attention

  • 3:26 and 3:35 😂I'm crying

  • nobody: 9:00 AV-

  • chad vampire

  • what',s the craig insta?

    • idk but he blocked out her usernames bc he didn’t want to give her more attention

  • whats up with craigs lips man......maybe stop getting stung by bugs LOL 🤣

  • Not it eats that lunch 😂

  • I’m starting to think Danny is a vampire and that’s why he was trying to say it wasn’t real- He wants to hide that he is actually also a vampire. We are on to you Danny Gooden.

  • That sweater on Danny tho 😏

  • somebody get bill gates on her track

  • I uh

  • Fun fact: Vampires are based on an allergy. Some people FOR REAL are allergic to the sun. In Romania, a man called Dracula had an allergy and people thought it was supernatural. But Vampires are real. This is evidence.

  • At 11:52 Danny looks worried for her or himself

  • You should react to story animated

  • If it was true about Kanye then she just outed him people should've been more angry about that

  • 3:22 I can't get over how funny I find this

  • Best way to see if he’s a vampire, lock his ass in a silver coffin, with a stake through his heart. - A message from His Imperial and Royal Majesty, Kaiser Wilhelm der Große.

  • I don’t care about clout and honestly anyone who cares about more than having normal human morals is stupid. And I’m not saying this for clout or attention but I have a feeling I could be decent friends with Danny

  • She's the same girl who licked a toilet seat trying to get covid smh

  • Danny you smell (btw i am now jealous and insecure) :)

  • if the vampire video was real he should be burning, vampires can’t take sunlight!


  • That song is horrible

  • In conclusion, frick Craig

  • Now reality shifting exists soooo

  • Those who have seen this guy, but not Jaden Sprinz, you are in for a treat. Check him out, he made me, an arsehole believe me....😂

  • Uhhhh, No he couldn't 😅

  • I wish I had the lamp in the background

  • This girl sucks. Can’t be overstated

  • Just learned that Kim and Kanye are divorced

  • I guarantee that chick wasn’t planning on exposing herself

  • 6:06 Source: trust me, dude

  • 10:22 does anyone know this Song?

  • This video just seems like Danny trying to convince himself that vampires don’t exist

  • Her song deadass slapped tho ngl-

  • Ur pretty cute in this video! :)

  • Wait if they are locals, than is she... A NAVY GUY???

  • ꙩ_ꙩhate that nic lier guy

  • nic is not a vampire

  • *pops an adderall* aight time to come up with a worldwide conspiracy

  • i am speechless.

  • I really got to know what her parents think of her Edit: I really just mean her mom cause she clearly didn’t have a good father figure in her life.

    • Apparently they fund everything she does. So they don’t care about her at all.

  • It looks realistic, but it's obvious that it's video editing because vampires aren't real.

  • Wait is karashian an actual country

  • Man that plot twist was so unexpected. 8:42

  • What does.... Greg stand for?... Im new to the challenge.

  • when she was licking the toilet it looked like POV of a blonde girl doin the dirty

  • craig tryna give herself so much credit she could make her own credit card

  • Man tik tok is stupid, if he was a real vampire he wouldn’t show up on camera, duhh 🙄

  • Don't waste your potent amphetamines on tiktok. They're pro drugs for your mind and body. Not for dumbing up the community

    • @GachaDragonSabrina! what? Did you even read what I said?. Proof you tiktok users are dumber than us recreational drug users lol

    • Then why click on this?

  • adderall EdgeLordd

  • Whyd you let TikTok Sponsor you then

  • Lmao danny forgot to censor out “Ava” in the doctor phil episode


  • "I've had way dirtier things in my mouth than that toilet seat" My asexual self: Ew! Ew. Ew! Why? I didn't need to know that! Gross!

  • Timothée chalamet watching this : 👁👄👁

  • Goober

  • WHY AM I BELIEVING HIM😭😭 Idiot McSupid - 2021

  • 9:43 TERUHASHI??

  • Where did she come from where did she go? Where is this coming from Cotton-eye Joe? And what the f*** is a laxative tea?

  • POV: I'm a British person who is angry at the American government because they're flexing on us with their VPN s which are all illegal in our country. *(this was a joke)*

  • Yes Danny Mami is in Florida

  • Craig man you did her dirty😂😂


  • 😂

  • Idc what u believe in I think we all can agree corona or not it’s nasty as hell to lick a toilet seat in general u know they don’t clean them after every Use right 😂😂😂😂