POV I'm Your Vampire Dad

Birt 24 júl 2020
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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on ISchats, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.


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    • Epic 😨👍

    • Lol

    • While watching this my iPad fell... guess it doesn’t like these videos either

    • Starting to think that "Pigs on video" meaning on POV was supposed to actually suggest something and was not a random at all.

    • Poggers

  • Anyone else notice that in the background it says G E G instead of Greg

  • GEG

  • Well if you want to torture yourself then might as well watch one of these cringe tiktok vids

  • I’ve been meaning to rematch this hehehe

  • 2:55 *PICK UP DA PHONE BABY* 🗣🗣


  • geg

  • Geg

  • LiStEn HeRe, BuStA! yOu DoN’t WaNnA tUsSLe WiTh Me! My DaDdY rUnS tHiS gAnG, aNd He’S sTrOnG aS hELL

  • Yeah TikTok used to literally be my LIFE, then it turned into this. So, instead of arguing with white supremacists, homophobic Karens, creepy 20 year old pedophiles who think they’re attractive, people with “Daddy” kinks, sexist assholes, haters who want clout, bullshit TikTok drama, the Hype House, everyone complaining about everything, people begging for money because of fake stories and then getting a lot without giving it back, I now spend my days as a full-time Greg.

  • geg


  • Is it a coincidence that I got an ad at the start of the gangs leader's son tiktok?😐

  • This person looks like my Creepypasta OC, Zachary. He also has black hair and hazel eyes, this is scary as Hell. At least my OC has more potential. UnU

  • 1:47 - 2:04 Scared me the most, I don't even have a phone. And for my lover irl to come into my house- 0-0

  • G E G

  • His daddy tic toks make ne wanna puke and delete myself from the world

  • i still cant get over how i had a crush on him 💩

  • I love the geg sign

  • Can someone help me with what song Danny uses for the tik tok with the gangsters son and the guy says gta ta ta thank you and Preciate it

  • geg

  • geg

  • Sorry Danny but when you said POV actually stands for Point Of View and not Pigs On Video, that hurt..

  • 7:18 is it a new boss or is it a new son, because of it is a new son what happend to the old one?

  • 8:05 reminds me of miraculous ladybug character chloe

  • Subed for a year official greg

  • 🌺🌸g e g🌺🌸

  • goverboe has permanetly ruined the songs he uses in his tiktoks for me it'll probably make me feel uncomfortable whenever i hear it for the rest of my life 😐

  • G E G in the background

  • I feel attacked. Yandere ASMR is my thing.

  • He is in youtube ahorts bruh

  • Late to the party but this video is great!

  • DAAAAAAAAAAAD GET OFF OF MY LAPTOP also danny you're cheating on drew

  • Geg

  • men only have four moods: indoor boyfriend outdoor boyfriend serial killer boyfriend vampire dad

  • ah yes, *g e g*

  • geg

  • he rlly said wud duh fuk- 4:46

  • where the fuck are the pigs

  • 3:44-3:58 Yukako Yamagishi, jjba DiU

  • POV: you're reading this comment

  • well he's a serial killer boyfriend not a savage you gotta have some manners

    • pov: you kissed a vampire for the first time and bit him and he turned into a vampire

  • I cant stop laughing 🤣🤣🤣

  • Everyone: watches the video Me: Stares at the letters in the background spelling G E G

  • GEG👁👄👁

  • Wow- dude is so in love w himself he thinks any situation where a girl ends up w him , she must think it’s hot and wants him lol- oh the ex u don’t like, broke in & u luv it cause I’m hot- kidnapped you, twice? But you’re gna be SOOO happy cause I missed you! And I’m Sooo hot you should thank me

  • yes ✨geg✨

  • POV: your mom won’t buy you an anime body pillow so you kill her

  • *g e g*

  • 13:50 it’s probably for the best he kissed to the left cuz imagine just kissing the camera 🤢

  • turtle


  • This was hilarious & honest!

  • POV - you are greg

  • i like in his back round it just says geg instead of greg

  • kk

  • *pïçk ūp thê phœñę bæbÿ*

  • sobbing was rewatching this video and i noticed you had on a very similar shirt to the one i wore yesterday and did a double take so congrations danny you dress like a teenage lesbian


  • *ants are thicc*

  • What’s up gEg

  • POV: You run away because he kidnapped you

  • these tiktoks but vr xD

  • GEG

  • Then Netflix made these tiktoks into a movie....

  • danny ur eyebrows are amazing

  • My non- english speaking ass misheard 2:38 as "preferably while I'm taking a shower or a shit" aHSJSJWJDKA

  • Pov: *p i g s o n l i v e*

  • POV: you've been cringing for the past 19 minutes.

  • The evolution of GREG: -GREG -GEG -R -EGG -EG -GER -ER -RE -E

  • Pls help

  • I'm 10 times more gay now after this video ended than when I began. (POV- I'm whaman)

  • i was cringing so much cus im a lesbian

  • I love how Danny says to stop fantasying about abuse but there’s a entire movie called 50 shades of gray

  • POV: your being stalked and the stalker comes in and says *PiCk uP tHe PhOnE bAbY*

  • Greg

  • these are all just weird fanfiction tropes with zero effort to make new or interesting.

  • Ah yes... I've seen this man in many MANY tik tok cringe comps

  • Nobody : Not even the son of the gang leader : Me looking at the geg In the background 👁️👄👁️

  • serial killer boyfriend and indoor boyfriend are dating

  • i remember those “daddy” pov’s. they were using a specific song as the bgm for those videos and the artist specifically tried to make them stop, so a lot of people started using the audio for other things in an attempt to fix the grossness of it all

  • pov: Your ace beacause your bofreinds are fucking scary and you don't want to expriance that again

  • G E G

  • g e g < 3

  • PiCkk Up tHe pHoNe bAbYy

  • This: 2:56 has been living rent free in my head and making me cackle

  • Okay but the ending song fuckin slaps

  • 3:39 Uhm yes we do. All my Wattpad gals in agreement?

  • Pretty much all the Wattpad appeal Danny GoNzAlEz. Geez get with the times. Who wouldn't want a sexy a mafia boss to come and kidnap us??????? Like fr.

  • I feel very scared about watching these pov's

  • Why is vampire dad looking at his daughter like that

  • How be funny so.

  • that image of danny kissing danny will never get out of my mind

  • The guy on tiktok making fucking weird povs def took some inspiration from wattpad

  • Did he called his vampire dad "Garret"?

  • Ohhhh I get the title now he means..He looks like Dracula?..cuz of the shirt 👁️👁️ Did anyone else get that?😶

  • i've always wanted the overgreg to be my vampire dad

  • G E G

  • me watching this "vampire dad": *visible disgusted*